Fair To Midland lyrics

Fables From A Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True

  1. Dance Of The Manatee lyrics
  2. Kyla Cries Cologne lyrics
  3. Vice/Versa lyrics
  4. Wife, The Kids, And The White Picket Fence lyrics
  5. April Fools And Eggmen lyrics
  6. A Seafarer's Knot lyrics
  7. Wolf Descends Upon The Spanish Sahara lyrics
  8. The Walls Of Jericho lyrics
  9. Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes lyrics
  10. Upgrade^Brigade lyrics
  11. (When The Bough Breaks) Say When lyrics


  1. Preambles In 3rd Person lyrics
  2. Dance Of The Manatee lyrics
  3. Vice/Versa lyrics
  4. Cipieron lyrics (no lyrics)
  5. A Seafarer's Knot lyrics
  6. Orphan Anthem '86 lyrics
  7. Inter.Mission lyrics
  8. Granny Niblo lyrics
  9. The Walls Of Jericho lyrics
  10. Abigail lyrics
  11. Timbuktu lyrics
  12. Kyla Cries Cologne lyrics
  13. Upgrade^Brigade lyrics
  14. When The Bough Breaks lyrics
  15. Quince lyrics

The Carbon Copy Silver Lining

  1. Gaining One lyrics (no lyrics)
  2. As I Was Travelling... lyrics (no lyrics)
  3. Stiffback lyrics (no lyrics)
  4. Informative Timeline lyrics (no lyrics)
  5. An Occurance During The Restoration Process lyrics (no lyrics)
  6. -The Beltway- lyrics (no lyrics)
  7. My Mentor lyrics (no lyrics)
  8. Stale Penny (Miracle Grow) lyrics (no lyrics)
  9. Pen-_-. lyrics (no lyrics)
  10. Beto Ii lyrics (no lyrics)
  11. With This Easel. lyrics (no lyrics)
  12. See, Saw lyrics (no lyrics)
  13. ..(I).. lyrics (no lyrics)

The Drawn And Quartered

  1. Orphan Anthem '86 (Demo) lyrics
  2. Kyla Cries Cologne (Demo) lyrics
  3. A Seafarer's Knot (Live) lyrics
  4. Abigail (Live) lyrics


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