Jean Shepard lyrics

A Real Good Woman

  1. Real Good Woman lyrics
  2. Old Bridge lyrics
  3. Walk On Out Of My Mind lyrics
  4. My World Is You lyrics
  5. All Right (I'll Sign The Papers) lyrics
  6. Last Thing On My Mind lyrics
  7. Take Me To Your World lyrics
  8. Just For You lyrics
  9. Trouble With Girls lyrics
  10. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) lyrics
  11. Promises Promises lyrics

A Woman's Hand

  1. Woman's Hand lyrics
  2. Born To Be With You lyrics
  3. My Arms Stay Open Late lyrics
  4. I'll Live For You lyrics
  5. What Went Wrong lyrics
  6. I Want You Free lyrics
  7. Then He Touched Me lyrics
  8. I Love You More Today lyrics
  9. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) lyrics

Best By Requset

  1. Satisfied Mind lyrics
  2. I Learned It All From You lyrics
  3. Under Suspicion lyrics
  4. You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again lyrics
  5. I Love You Because lyrics
  6. Other Woman lyrics
  7. Beautiful Lies lyrics
  8. Take Possession lyrics
  9. I'd Rather Die Young lyrics
  10. Why Did You Wait lyrics
  11. Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man lyrics

Got You On My Mind

  1. Big Midnight Special lyrics
  2. Blues Stay Away From Me lyrics
  3. Waltz Of The Angels lyrics
  4. Another (Just Like Me) lyrics
  5. One White Rose lyrics
  6. I Don't Apologize For Loving You lyrics
  7. Under Your Spell Again lyrics
  8. You're The Only Good Thing lyrics
  9. If You Haven't You Can't Feel The Way I Do lyrics
  10. Mockin' Bird Hill lyrics
  11. Color Song (I Lost My Love) lyrics

Heart To Heart

  1. I Don't See How I Can Make It lyrics
  2. What Locks The Door lyrics
  3. Hangin' On lyrics
  4. Evil On Your Mind lyrics
  5. Enough Heart To Hurt lyrics
  6. Roll Muddy River lyrics
  7. Paper Mansions lyrics
  8. Before I'm Over You lyrics
  9. Break My Mind lyrics
  10. Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) lyrics
  11. True Love's A Blessing lyrics

Heart We Did All That We Could

  1. Heart We Did All That We Could lyrics
  2. Too Many Memories All Around lyrics
  3. Heart To Heart (And Fool To Fool) lyrics
  4. Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) lyrics
  5. Tear Dropped By lyrics
  6. Goodnight Me lyrics
  7. If Teardrops Were Silver lyrics
  8. Someone's Gotta Cry lyrics
  9. It's The Wine That's Talkin' lyrics
  10. Don't Take Advantage On Me lyrics
  11. When Your House Is Not A Home lyrics

Heartaches And Tears

  1. How Long Does It Hurt (When A Heart Breaks) lyrics
  2. Leave Me Alone lyrics
  3. Go On With Your Dancing lyrics
  4. I Don't Remember lyrics
  5. Are You Certain lyrics
  6. Would You Be Satisfied lyrics
  7. So Wrong So Fast lyrics
  8. Second Best lyrics
  9. I'd Like To Know (Where People Go) lyrics
  10. If You Were Losing Him To Me lyrics
  11. Jealous Heart lyrics

Here And Now

  1. Another Lonely Night lyrics
  2. For The Good Times lyrics
  3. Marty Gray lyrics
  4. Season For Sin lyrics
  5. Leaving On A Jet Plane lyrics
  6. Look At Mine lyrics
  7. Hello Darlin' lyrics
  8. Snowbird lyrics
  9. Next Bus Back To Georgia lyrics

I'll Fly Away

  1. I'll Fly Away lyrics
  2. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) lyrics
  3. Where No One Stands Alone lyrics
  4. Love Takes Care Of Me lyrics
  5. Daddy Sang Bass lyrics
  6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee lyrics
  7. Life's Railway To Heaven lyrics
  8. Too Much To Gain To Lose lyrics
  9. Sunday Christian lyrics

I'll Take The Dog

  1. I'll Take The Dog lyrics
  2. We Could lyrics
  3. Let's Be Different lyrics
  4. Who In The World lyrics
  5. Corner Of Despair lyrics
  6. It Was Too Late lyrics
  7. Stranger Nine To Five lyrics
  8. Lonely Together lyrics
  9. Put It Off Until Tomorrow lyrics
  10. I'd Fight The World lyrics
  11. Nobody's Business (But My Own) lyrics (no lyrics)

It's A Man Every Time

  1. Too Many Teardrops Too Late lyrics
  2. Yesterday's Best lyrics
  3. Ain't You Ashamed lyrics
  4. Bitter Tears lyrics
  5. Too Broke To Break lyrics
  6. Billy Christian lyrics
  7. I've Got My Pride lyrics
  8. It's A Man (Every Time It's A Man) lyrics
  9. Let Me Be The Judge lyrics
  10. I Love You More And More Everyday lyrics
  11. Franklin County Moonshine lyrics

Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You

  1. Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You lyrics
  2. Just One Time lyrics
  3. Closest Thing To Perfect lyrics
  4. Look Of Lovin' (In His Eyes) lyrics
  5. My Name Is Woman lyrics
  6. With His Hand In Mine lyrics
  7. World Needs A Melody lyrics
  8. I'm Alone lyrics
  9. Song Of The Wind lyrics

Lighthearted And Blue

  1. Loose Talk lyrics
  2. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome lyrics
  3. I Can't Stop Loving You lyrics
  4. Violet And A Rose lyrics
  5. Just Call Me Lonesome lyrics
  6. Foggy River lyrics
  7. There's A Big Wheel lyrics
  8. Born To Lose lyrics
  9. When Two Worlds Collide lyrics
  10. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues lyrics
  11. If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time) lyrics

Lonesome Love

  1. Thief In The Night lyrics
  2. I'll Hold You In My Heart lyrics
  3. Weak And The Strong lyrics
  4. You'd Better Go lyrics
  5. Sweet Temptation lyrics
  6. I'll Never Be Free lyrics
  7. You Win Again lyrics
  8. I Hate Myself lyrics
  9. Memory lyrics
  10. You Can't Break The Chains Of Love lyrics
  11. I Love You Because lyrics

Many Happy Hangovers

  1. Many Happy Hangovers To You lyrics
  2. Look What I've Got lyrics
  3. Our Past Is In My Way lyrics
  4. How In The World Will I Get Over You lyrics
  5. Your Name's Become A Household Word lyrics
  6. I Forgot To Care lyrics
  7. Wherever You Are lyrics
  8. Dirt Under His Feet lyrics
  9. Day To Day (Tear To Tear) lyrics
  10. You'd Still Find A Way To Cheat On Me lyrics
  11. Wave Goodbye To Me lyrics

Poor Sweet Baby

  1. Poor Sweet Baby lyrics
  2. I'm Alright lyrics
  3. When Two Worlds Collide lyrics
  4. At The Time lyrics
  5. Tip Of My Fingers lyrics
  6. Slippin' Away lyrics
  7. It's Enough To Make A Woman Lose Her Mind lyrics
  8. Bright Lights And Country Music lyrics
  9. If You Can Live With It (I Can Live Without It) lyrics
  10. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep lyrics

Seven Lonely Days

  1. Seven Lonely Days lyrics
  2. Today I Started Loving You Again lyrics
  3. Only Mama That'll Walk The Line lyrics
  4. Invisible Tears lyrics
  5. D-I-V-O-R-C-E lyrics
  6. I'm Tied Around Your Finger lyrics
  7. Second Place lyrics (no lyrics)
  8. You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again lyrics
  9. Someone's Heartache lyrics

Slippin' Away

  1. Slippin' Away lyrics
  2. Teddy Bear Song lyrics
  3. Last Thing On My Mind lyrics
  4. Till I Get It Right lyrics
  5. It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) lyrics
  6. Come On Phone lyrics
  7. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep lyrics
  8. Funny Face lyrics
  9. Are You Sincere lyrics

Songs Of A Love Affair

  1. Passing Love Affair lyrics
  2. Shadows On The Wall lyrics
  3. Girls In Disgrace lyrics
  4. Over And Over lyrics
  5. Hello Old Broken Heart lyrics
  6. Tell Me What I Want To Hear lyrics
  7. Mysteries Of Life lyrics
  8. I'll Thank You All My Life lyrics
  9. Did I Turn Down A Better Deal lyrics
  10. I Married You For Love lyrics
  11. It's Hard To Tell The Married From The Free lyrics

The Best Of Jean Shepard

  1. Satisfied Mind lyrics
  2. Dear John Letter lyrics
  3. Forgive Me John lyrics
  4. Other Woman lyrics
  5. Two Voices Two Shadows Two Faces lyrics
  6. Root Of All Evil (Is A Man) lyrics
  7. Beautiful Lies lyrics
  8. How Long Does It Hurt (When A Heart Breaks) lyrics
  9. Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man lyrics
  10. Under Suspicion lyrics
  11. I Learned It All From You lyrics

This Is Jean Shepard

  1. Satisfied Mind lyrics
  2. Two Whoops And A Holler lyrics
  3. I'd Rather Die Young lyrics
  4. Why Did You Wait lyrics
  5. Other Woman lyrics
  6. Act Like A Married Man lyrics
  7. Beautiful Lies lyrics
  8. You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again lyrics
  9. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz lyrics
  10. My Wedding Ring lyrics
  11. I Learned It All From You lyrics

Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long

  1. Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long lyrics
  2. Born A Woman lyrics
  3. I'm Living In Two Worlds lyrics
  4. Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law lyrics
  5. My Mama Didn't Raise No Fools lyrics
  6. Happy Tracks lyrics
  7. Be Nice To Everybody lyrics
  8. There Goes My Everything lyrics
  9. I Can't Cry Him Away lyrics
  10. Life Turned Him That Way lyrics
  11. Coming Or Going lyrics


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