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Artist: Pooh-Man
Album: Ain't No Love



Hop in a k-5 it's time to roll
My homies having a picnic with hella hoes
Stopped at the liquor store
And got the hennessey, 20 sack and antoine
Ya know they riding with me
Hit 84 cuz ya know you can't have the drink without the dank
Hit the bp and filled up my tank
Hit some hoes on my motherfucking mobile
Told the skinny little freaks I will be over
Picked up two one light one dark
Where the picnic at? roberts park
There like pooh we know ya got the motherfucking dank
Damn right
And I'm gonna smoke it until my motherfucking breath stank
Fire it up like the that g I am
I hit it once and now I going to the land
I got my hands on the dark ones thighs
It's all good she ain't trippin foo
Let's ride

Ride glide slippied slide
Forget about your troubles from 9 to 5
Just ridddddde come on
Just ridddddde come on

Got to the picnic and hoes was on notch
And every brother out there was strapped with a glock
But I ain't trippin cuz I am always down
And that's just the way we ride in the east oaktown
Now every brother selling like a fifth of something
And the beat fixer had the crowd jumping
I seen my partner festa king on top
With the rolex shining way too bright
Seems that every girl in the house had rock
And the hard head did'nt start no funk
Who was that e-40 and the click
And go to dub and my nigga richie rich
Dru down and the motherfucking luniztoons
Fat jean came through with the 8-9 crew
There goes ted, chris hicks and super side
A party with the deuce player
Lets ride

Ride glide slippied slide
Forget about your troubles from 9 to 5
Just ridddddde come on
Just ridddddde come on

Every player in the house had top notch
G strings up the booty man it just don't stop
My homie don came through from the deuce
And they all had on shirts that said fuck the dangerous crew!
Too clean came through to say what's up
My homie chumbly and the mark from walnut
P.o came through with spud
My homie pme came through with the motherfucking blood
After the party at the heal to the night
And make sure your hoes look tight
And don't bring an ugly bitch
And if ya player we clowning the hoe
Goddamn anthor fight done broke out
See that's what the hell I be talking about
But I ain't tripping homeboy we tried
Yo antoine get the k-5
Let's ride

Ride glide slippied slide
Forget about your troubles from 9 to 5
Just ridddddde come on
Just ridddddde come on



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