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Artist: Souls Of Mischief
Album: '93 'til Infinity



Hah hah, souls of mischief in the house
Rippin shit from ninety-three on
Souls of mischief, let em know
Hieroglyphics, is in the house
My man del the funky homosapien
Kwam is in the house
And I wanna say whassup to my nigga domino
Who hooked this phat track for us

Aiyyo I gotta give a fat, big swollen shout
To my man casual, youknowhatI'msayin?

Hah, lettin you know about fear itself, huh

Yeah, my nigga tarai and my nigga jay-biz cuttin it up


Yeah pep love, snupe, mike g, can't forget my niggaz, huh

My man mike p is chillin, saafir whassup!
And the rest of the hobo junction, the elements of change
Whassup to my nigga thai stick

Aiyyo wanna give a shout to tech and sway and the rest of the
Wake up show for keeping hip-hop alive on the radio
Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin?

Yeah kevvy kev, vinny v, rock b and john in the house

Can't forget the pharcyde
You know that

Soul survivors, whassup and the rest of the gba posse
They in there

Yo I wanna give a shout to all my niggaz up in the land
YouknowhatI'msayin? up in oakland where we chillin


Yeah can't forget my niggaz

You know everybody in the whole bay area
The whole west coast. youknowhatI'msayin? the whole west coast

We comin in fat b

Yeah yeah and on the east, youknowhatI'msayin
Stretch armstrong, daddy reef, and bobbito

Hah, my boys organized konfusion in the house
Yz can't forget my man and plus kurious jorge

The whole jive staff

But speaking of jive you know we can't forget
Ant banks and too $hort
Hell no

Yeah the rest of the dangerous crew
Hell yeah

You know everybody we forget anybody we forgot
You know if you was really down you deserve a shout
And if we forget you, you'll get it, knowhatI'msayin
Souls of mischief

Souls of mischief, ninety-three on, hieroglyphics
We out, like this



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