The Paper Chase lyrics


  1. Press Any Key To Continue (Part One, Two, And Three) lyrics (no lyrics)
  2. This Is The Return Of The Don't Talk Backs lyrics (no lyrics)
  3. And As Long As I Have Fishes To Feed You lyrics
  4. Who Can Deny How Delicious It Tastes lyrics
  5. The Unopened Email To God lyrics (no lyrics)

God Bless Your Black Heart

  1. Said The Spider To The Fly lyrics
  2. One Day He Went Out For Milk And Never Came Home lyrics
  3. What I'd Be Without Me lyrics
  4. The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause lyrics
  5. Piggies Had Too Much Wine lyrics (no lyrics)
  6. Ready Willing Cain And Able lyrics
  7. Now We Slowly Circle The Draining Fish Bowl lyrics
  8. A War Is Coming lyrics (no lyrics)
  9. Your Ankles To Your Earlobes lyrics
  10. Let's Be Bad Henry, Let's Be Really Bad lyrics
  11. Now You're Gonna Get It lyrics
  12. Abby You're Gonna Burn For What You've Done To Me lyrics
  13. Your Pretty Little Head lyrics (no lyrics)
  14. Dying With Decent Music lyrics

Hide The Kitchen Knives

  1. I Did A Terrible Thing lyrics
  2. Where Have Those Hands Been lyrics
  3. I Am Going To Spend My Whole Life Lying lyrics
  4. A Nice Family Dinner For Once lyrics
  5. Don't You Wish You Had Some More lyrics
  6. I Tried So Hard To Be Good lyrics
  7. A Little Place Called Trust lyrics
  8. And At Such A Paltry Price lyrics (no lyrics)
  9. So How Goes The Good Fight lyrics
  10. God Forgive Us All lyrics (no lyrics)
  11. A Liver A Lung A Kidney A Thumb lyrics
  12. Drive Carefully Dear lyrics
  13. Out Come The Knives lyrics

What Big Teeth You Have

  1. Everyone Knows How This Song Will End lyrics (no lyrics)
  2. My Death lyrics
  3. Go Fishing lyrics

Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know

  1. This May Be The Last Song You Ever Hear lyrics
  2. These Things Happen lyrics
  3. Ever Since The Turn lyrics
  4. Apple Pies And Alibis lyrics
  5. Neat; Manageable: Piles lyrics
  6. Can I Pour You Another Drink, Lover lyrics
  7. Lenny What's Gotten Into You lyrics (no lyrics)
  8. Goddamn These Hands (I Let Them Touch You) lyrics (no lyrics)
  9. A Face That Could Launch A Thousand Ships lyrics (no lyrics)
  10. Throw Your Body On The Apparatus lyrics (no lyrics)
  11. Off With Their Heads lyrics
  12. Daddy's Got Your Nose lyrics (no lyrics)
  13. Erwork, Paperwork, Paperwork lyrics (no lyrics)
  14. When You Least Expect It lyrics (no lyrics)
  15. When (And If) The Big One Hits, I'll Just Meet You There lyrics


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