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Artist: Diddy
Album: The Saga Continues



(Feat. black rob, g. dep)

[Black rob (p. diddy)]
Y'all ain't ready (the saga continues)
Tootsie rolls (we still here)
Yo, pd, bad boy, alumni, br

I had this bad bitch uptown, she was whoa (that's crazy)
Almost had me pushing up daisies (that's crazy)
Ask a made nigga the keys to the crip (that's crazy)
Just came home from doing a bid (oh that's crazy)
Now how you ain't gon' change the locks? (oh that's crazy)
Didn't sit there and call the cops (oh that's crazy)
Got in bout the back door like whoa (oh that's crazy)
Hop in an excursion with sixteen wheels (oh that's crazy)
Yeah you love it how we huggin' the curb (oh that's crazy)
Plus it's jumpin' off up in the spot (oh that's crazy)
Boobie cat, lapdance for kid (oh that's crazy)
Plus the spinal chick put in the bid (oh that's crazy)
Now the driver smoking chron' (oh that's crazy)
If he crash, then we all gone (oh that's crazy)
Fuck it, pump the sound to ten (oh that's crazy)
Catch br on the cover of spin (oh that's crazy)

Man, it's alright, on tight
Watch out, pushing on tonight, it's crazy
Don't hold back, I'ma put it where it's suppose to be at
And that's non-stop, party-hoppin', it's on

[P. diddy]
You had the nerve to say I had a gun (oh that's crazy)
Man for twelve years I had to run (oh that's crazy)
And ain't a threat on my family, dogg (that's crazy)
Courthouse got my name in the log (oh that's crazy)
And ain't my name sean john? (oh that's crazy)
Or about the movie star chick on my arm (oh that's crazy)
Even had foul shit to say to my moms (oh that's crazy)
They even called the office to say it's a bomb (oh that's crazy)
But yet, I'm supposed to be so calm? (oh that's crazy)
Tavis smiley, I killed him with the charm (oh that's crazy)
Yeah, looked like there wasn't nuttin' wrong (oh that's crazy)
That's how it is when you in the game so long (oh that's crazy)
Man, we been had the keys to the six (oh that's crazy)
From now on, it's no puff, just diddy (oh that's crazy)
Man, new york never looked so pretty (oh that's crazy)
Can't picture ny without no diddy (oh that's crazy), oh no!


[G. dep]
Yo, how dep ain't on, that's crazy (oh that's crazy)
Man, I wouldn't miss this if they paid me (oh that's crazy)
Come through, man, parkin' lot (oh that's crazy)
Fuck cops, we watch the block (oh that's crazy)
Yo, we hustle when them cameras is hittin' (oh that's crazy)
I did a bitch, still puttin' my bidness (oh that's crazy)
Shit, it's hard to get one red cent (oh that's crazy)
And they charging us high ass rent (oh that's crazy)
And now my back pocket starting to leak (oh that's crazy)
Somebody get this nigga something to eat (oh that's crazy)
I got a meal when I signed my deal (oh that's crazy)
Bunch of dreams, planes, and automobiles (oh that's crazy)
Now the bank don' sketched on my crib (oh that's crazy)
Now the boobies got a g-dep fetish (oh that's crazy)
Thousand dollar honies givin' me leather (oh that's crazy)
Over-respect due to "let's get it" (oh that's crazy)


[Black rob]
Now the moral of the story is what? (that's crazy)
Exception, co, doing the streets (that's crazy)
Some chicken won't even give me the digits (that's crazy)
Sure paper, slide off with them midgets (that's crazy)
Talk about the feds made you snitch (oh that's crazy)
How you gon' hate what made you rich? (oh that's crazy)
Life stories, shit, it ain't goin' gold (oh that's crazy)
Man, we scanned two million of those (oh that's crazy)
Now you don't got permanant scars (oh that's crazy)
You know, bank or papi r (oh that's crazy)
Lights, camera, action, I'm a star (oh that's crazy)
Like yesterday, I broke a nigga's car (oh that's crazy)
Now sittin', endless cash (oh that's crazy)
Bad boy, got the game in a smash (oh that's crazy)
Fuck around and put a foot in your ass (oh that's crazy)
See, I'm thirsty, still lookin' for cash (oh that's crazy)

[Chorus to end]



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