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Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers



We're all a bunch of brothers livin' in a cool way
Along with six million others in this place called l.a

L.a.'s the place, sets my mind ablaze
For me, it's a race through a cotton pickin' maze

The town makes me jump, it's got a bunch of bad chicks
Well sure, it's got some chumps but I still get my kicks
My body loves to scrump when I lick the ripe pick
Like a come on a thumb
Poppin' hump, hump, hump, pop out

The action never stops, I'm as wild as can be
'Cos I'm shooting for the top and my best friend's flea
Oom chucka willy knew that balls could pop
But he never met the tree so he never be-bopped out hop!

Antwan the swan, from the pretty fish pond
Was a bad mother jumper, you could tell he was strong
He war a cold paisley jacket and a hellified ass
And between his legs was a cock suckin'lass

He threw a hundred women up against the wall
And he swore to fear that he'd fuck 'em all

By the time he got to ninety nine, he had to stop
Because that's when he thought that he heard a fop!

Last night and the night before, I heard a
Fop outside, then I came in doors
Rock out!

Now that I told you a little something about the flea
A little something about the tree, a little something about me
I can't leave you hangin' but my man sherm zee, he swings the yang, he bangs the
And now, it's time to hear him do his thang, you better be burning sherman!

We're all a bunch of brothers livin' in a cool way
Along with six million others in this place called l.a

Step out!



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