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Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Rudebox 1974



Ok then, back to basics
Grab your shell toes and your fat laces
A little hand clap for some funk faces
And make your body move in the following places: goes up your back and then down your spine and when it hits your head…?

Ok then, back to baseheads dance like you just won at the fuck olympics
I got the rudebox of the back of a spaceship
So sick I just had to take it

The r.u.d.e.b.o.x. up yer jacksy, ?split yer kecks sing a song of semtex
Pocket full of "durex"
Body full of mandrex
Are we gonna have sex (yes)
Will you wear your knee socks (ohh)
Back to the rudebox?

Grab this double fantasy, where we just never stop
I've got one design and that's to funk it to the top
Know what's on my mind, there's only one thing you will find
I got one design and that's to bump it till you drop

Rudebox, do the rudebox, 'cos you so nasty?
Rudebox, shake your rudebox, why you so nasty?
Rudebox, do the rudebox, 'cos you so nasty?
Rudebox, shake your rudebox, why you so nasty?


Ok then, back to spaceship, take both pills fuck the matrix
Jack those jills shake your playtex rock 3 stripes not the asics
A.d.i.d.a.s old school 'cos it's the best – yes
Tk max cost less (yes)
Jackson looks a mess (bless)

Ok then, what to do
If you try to jack me i'll rudebox you
If you rudebox me i'll rudebox your whole crew
'Cos what I do ain't that right boo – true

I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border
'Cos the sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter
I did it like this (you did it like that)
I love it when you double clap clap

Chorus ?repeat

Ok then, check the timeline
Make your bodies shake, like you're stood on a landmine
Call me on my mobile not the landline
I check the mainline at the same time
Ok this is what we do, got a jam so fresh its nice for you?

Ok give you what you got and dial 808 for the bass to drop
Ok then what's the fracas grab your cardy your lead hat and your bus pass
You don't sweat much for a fat lass
Grab your rudebox , ?
'Cos your box is righteous?

Ok bum rush the show
I got high speed dubbing on my stereo
And all the tunes in the box are the cherrio
I know I told you before, did you hear me though?

Chorus? repeat and fade



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